Our Favorite VC Podcasts and Blogs


These VC-driven podcasts and blogs keep us on the pulse of the ecosystem

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Our 6 Favorite VC Podcasts

It’s no great secret — VCs love podcasts. Here are a few of our favorites, new and old, that cover everything from hot takes to industry trends.

  1. Venrock“Running Through Walls”: This discussion-oriented podcast from Venrock brings in Nobel winners and Silicon Valley CMOs alike to discuss experiences, insights, and strategies. (~25 minutes, semi-monthly)
  2. J&J Innovation “J&J Innovation Podcast”: This polished series from J&J Innovation explores the latest trends in healthcare and the thinkers, organizations, and ideas behind them — and drips with production value. (~30 minutes, monthly)
  3. Mike Troiano , Partner, G20 Ventures — “How Hard Can it Be?”: Venture veteran Mike Troiano, Partner at G20 Ventures, dives into the issues with entrepreneurs and investors in this fantastic, diverse series. (30–60 minutes, monthly)
  4. Steve Kraus, Healthcare Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners and Trevor Price, Founder/CEO, Oxeon Partners — “A Healthy Dose”: This healthcare-focused series from healthcare gurus Steve Kraus and Trevor Price, of Bessemer Venture Partners and Oxeon Partners, respectively, is a smart, interesting, and well-produced look into the minds of leaders within the healthcare world. If you’re curious about learning more about healthcare startups and investment, this is your stop. (~40 minutes, bi-monthly)
  5. John Valentine, Thales Group “The Early Stage Podcast”: The Early Stage Podcast, created by John Valentine of Thales Group, is devoted to interviewing top entrepreneurs at the Seed and Series A stages of their startups. This project is a deep dive into the initial challenges and breakthroughs driven innovators endure as they launch, raise funding, and grow their teams. (~40 minutes, semi-weekly)

Archived: These podcasts haven’t had a new episode in a while, but their wisdom still remains relevant.

  1. Akamai — “Akamai’s Security Podcast”: While it hasn’t been updated in a few years, Akamai’s podcast is still a great window into the world of cybersecurity. It breaks down the basics of different cyberattacks and addresses issues relevant to the world of online security in general. (15–30 minutes, ~monthly)
  2. NextView Ventures“Traction”: Traction is a podcast from NextView Ventures that is about all the creative, clever, unusual, and downright brilliant ways entrepreneurs scrap their way to early results. Take it from NextView Ventures — they’re an early-stage firm. (30–60 minutes, monthly prior to 10/2017)
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Our 10 Favorite VC Blogs

These days, everybody has a blog. It can be hard to cut through the noise and find a signal that resonates with you.

Luckily, we did it for you.

Here, in no particular order, are the ones that we think stand out in the New England innovation community through their unique perspective, format, or background.

  1. Seeing Both Sides — Flybridge Capital General Partner Jeff Bussgang’s personal blog has great content from Jeff’s perspective as both a former entrepreneur and a current VC.
  2. G20 Ventures — A people-first perspective on venture capital.
  3. Better Everyday —From NextView Ventures comes thoughtful commentary and analysis for those embedded in the Boston seed-stage ecosystem.
  4. Venrock Insights Venrock presents engaging analysis on issues in tech and healthcare.
  5. LifeSciVC Atlas Venture Partner Bruce Booth provides unparalleled insider perspective on the biotech space.
  6. CRV — Through sheer volume, CRV is a great place to check into on a weekly basis for new articles on high growth technology companies.
  7. Pillar VC — Lots of information from Pillar VC on founding a startup, blockchain, and VC in general. A variety of content from videos to guides.
  8. On the Flying BridgeFlare Capital Partners General Partner Michael Greeley offers analyses and opinions on healthcare and VC in general.
  9. Underscore.vc — Up to date information from Underscore.vc on the Boston ecosystem in addition to in-depth articles on the state of play for cryptocurrency and ICOs.
  10. Powered by Battery — From Battery Ventures comes a resource with a global perspective that presents ideas, insights, and strategies to help entrepreneurs grow their business.

Have a favorite podcast or blog that’s left out of this list? Give us a shout on Twitter @NewEnglandVC and let us know why it’s great so we can add it to the list!

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