Today the NEVCA (officially) launched a brand-new website. We’re excited to share it with you — and to share the thinking that led us here.

The past half-decade has seen a major evolution of, and exponential growth in, our work, our team, our focus, and our impact. We needed a website that reflects the organization we’ve become.

We’re Not Your Typical Trade Association

Since 2012, the NEVCA has shed the chrysalis of a stuffy trade group, and become a forward-thinking force in the business community — but people are consistently surprised when they hear about everything we’re doing; all the buckets we’ve got our hands in.

From launching ecosystem-building initiatives like Hack.Diversity and TechGen; creating the phenomenon that is the NEVY Awards; nurturing the truly founder-friendly Unpitch; building future-focused programs like the Syndicate Sessions; moving the needle on key legislative issues; or elevating the conversation around critical topics like gender equity and immigration — we have amassed a highly-diversified portfolio of impact. On top of all that, we’re convening investors, operators, academics, and community members more than 15 times a year!

To better convey the breadth of our work, we reimagined this varied suite of programs, events, campaigns, and initiatives as a Portfolio — and designed the new website to communicate it clearly and concisely. Click in to explore.

Our Member Firms Deserve a Spotlight

While we may have departed from the tradition of stodgy trade associations past, at our core, we are empowered by our incredible member firms. They span industries — tech, life sciences, materials, and digital health — and our new site is equipped with robust search tools that allow investors and entrepreneurs alike to filter firms by focus area. Beyond that, the new site allows us to highlight both member accomplishments, as well as those of our members’ portfolio companies.

As our portfolio of work attests, our mission is not only about VCs — we’re just as committed to entrepreneurs, the political landscape that promotes their activity, and the service providers who support them. The new search tools are an extension of that commitment, providing an easily customizable window onto the region’s investors.

Investing In and Building Companies Is Hard

The NEVCA has long positioned itself as a helpful partner to those navigating the startup landscape; our new website allows us to provide tangible resources to that same audience. Visitors are now able to access a constantly-growing selection of tools, guides, and reports that facilitate both the founder and investor journey: sample legal documents, fundraising trends, waterfall tables, marketing guides, and much more. If you have ideas for additions, let us know!

Walking the Walk

We’ve worked hard to advocate for local startup development, local talent retention, female founders, and local investors. To build this website, we hired a Northeastern graduate, who built her own design firm right here in Boston, and grew it with the help of local investors. And it looks amazing. That feels like a win.

We’re still debugging a tad, so please forgive — and point out — any issues that crop up as you explore. And as always, keep in touch via our newsletter for the latest on our events and programs.

New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) members support entrepreneurs winning. Great VCs depend on great entrepreneurs.

New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) members support entrepreneurs winning. Great VCs depend on great entrepreneurs.