On April 8th, the New England Venture Capital Association gathered a panel of top legal minds and risk management experts for the inaugural session in our Member Edu Series — SPACs: New Vehicles, New Risks. We were thrilled to welcome to the panel, Al Browne, Partner at Cooley, Pam Mason, Partner at Mason AHT, and Eklavya Saraf, Nasdaq’s Global Head of SPAC listings and Managing Director of new listings.

Although the SPAC market is nothing new, 2020 became the “year of the SPAC” with a record number of listings, making up about half of all IPO’s in 2020. Their popularity…

This week, promising founders and experienced investors came together virtually at the New England Venture Capital Association’s annual Unpitch TECH. In its 9th year, Unpitch is a pillar of the New England VC/startup ecosystem and continues to offer meaningful relationships, create valuable opportunities, and open new doors.

After carefully reviewing over 75 applications, a committee of investors selected 21 amazing startups from all around the world, two-thirds of which were started by first-time founders! …

Bioscience & Investor Inclusion Group (BIIG) founding members include Liftstream, New England Venture Capital Association, Third Rock Ventures, Biogen and BioDirector

  • Coalition aims to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the life sciences venture capital industry and its associated portfolio companies
  • Members commit to developing solutions to increase participation among underrepresented groups and driving measurable change in the VC industry and among innovator companies

Boston, MA, December 3, 2020 — Liftstream, New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA), Third Rock Ventures, Biogen Inc. …

BOSTON — December 2, 2020 — Last night, in homes all over New England, the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) honored the winners of its eighth annual NEVY Awards, recognizing and celebrating the top innovators, investors and companies in the region. Presented by Dell Technologies, the “2Oz0 NEVYs: There’s No Place Like Home” ceremony gave an appropriate nod to this year’s alternate reality.

“Just like the year of 2020, our NEVYs award ceremony was like no other in its history. We came together safely and virtually to recognize the strength and tenacity of New England’s entrepreneurs and investors —…

With the NEVYs right around the corner (December 1st @ 6:30PM) what better time to get to know the teams behind the selection process. Every year, the NEVCA assembles an esteemed group of investors from firms around Boston: the NEVYs Academy. The broader group is broken down by industry into 5 subgroups: Tech, Life Science, Healthcare, Medtech, and Cleantech. These subgroups set about the task of creating categories for recognition, culling through a wide universe of eligible companies, selecting an exceptional group of nominees for each category, and elevating one (or sometimes two) overall winner.

In 2020, the full Academy…

On October 21st, the NEVCA convened investors, experts, and industry veterans — involved in many interesting aspects of the technology-led kidney care revolution — for the final VC Briefing of the year.

The event gathered 90+ attendees and featured six speakers who touched on topics ranging from impacts of Covid-19 to areas of innovation in the Kidney Care space.

The NEVYs 2Oz0: There’s No Place Like Home - Celebrating the Brains, Heart and Courage Unique to New England’s Entrepreneurs and Investors.

BOSTON — November 9, 2020 — The New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) revealed the nominees for its eighth annual NEVY Awards, which recognize and celebrate the top innovators, investors and companies in the region. This year’s theme, “2Oz0 NEVYs: There’s No Place Like Home,” pays homage to the twists and turns and wicked witches of this “alternate reality” of a year and the unique challenges of 2020 that these organizations have overcome. Presented again this year by…

Despite the craziness of 2020, Unpitch persevered. In all, the NEVCA hosted three Unpitch events — HEALTH, TECH, and BIO — pivoting to the ubiquitous virtual framework with little to no friction.

As it has for almost a decade, the Unpitch model brought together venture capitalists and entrepreneurs for informal, low-pressure, relationship-building meetings. Startups were able to meet one-on-one to pick the brains of established investors, and NEVCA member VCs got to connect with their peers and meet a few high-quality early-stage companies.

On June 16th, the NEVCA hosted the 2nd Annual Unpitch HEALTH , this year in an unprecedented virtual format. This event gathered 20 founders and 10 investors in a low-pressure environment to foster long-term relationships and share advice on their businesses, many of which directly solve healthcare issues related to COVID-19.

NEVCA president Jody Rose kicked off the event before investors and founders split off for one-on-one conversations. Investors Nancy Brown from Oak HC/FT and Yumin Choi from Bain Capital Ventures also discussed the current state of the industry and post-COVID projections. …

Racial and socioeconomic disparity in the impact and prevalence of COVID-19 was already forcing the United States’ massive, inequality to the forefront of national conversation (again). And then an unarmed Black man’s death at the hands of law enforcement was captured on video (again).

On the backdrop of near-20% unemployment, and a pandemic levying a disproportionate economic and physical toll on minority communities, George Floyd’s death — and less gruesome but more insidious incidents like Amy Cooper’s 911 call and blatant racial profiling of young Black entrepreneurs at a private gym — has ignited widespread protest across the country.


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New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) members support entrepreneurs winning. Great VCs depend on great entrepreneurs.

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