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Who are we?

At Humatics, we are creating a new product category — microlocation. To do so, we are pioneering radio-frequency (RF) sensors and analytics software that offer cm- and mm-scale positioning that is faster, more precise, and affordable than any existing 3D positioning technology on the market. Our sensors and software comprise the Humatics Spatial Intelligence Platform™ that will revolutionize how people and machines locate, navigate and collaborate in the connected world.

Why are we doing this?

Location matters. To interact safely and seamlessly with people and their environments, autonomous systems such as drones, vehicles, and robots need to know precisely where they are at all times. GPS lacks the required accuracy, and doesn’t work indoors. Cameras and lasers help, but they rely on data-intensive maps and fail in dusty, rainy, foggy, or snowy conditions. Only RF technologies are able to overcome all these challenges, and our technology will power an ecosystem of position-based products and services with the promise to transform huge markets including industrial automation, autonomous vehicles, and smart cities.

Where did we come from?

Our story begins with deep sea exploration, where Co-founder & CEO David Mindell spent two decades working with Bob Ballard, the discoverer of the Titanic. David, an MIT AeroAstro Professor, developed and commercialized novel techniques using sonar to create exquisitely precise maps of ancient shipwrecks. All the while, he kept wondering, “If we can achieve mm-scale precision underwater using sound waves, why can’t we do this in the air with radio waves?” He built the first Humatics prototypes in 2015 to explore this question (spoiler: the answer is “Yes”), which culminated in the first external demo of our microlocation system to Jeff Bezos in 2016 at his private MARS Conference (Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space exploration).

Co-founder & CEO David Mindell at the first-ever demonstration of the Humatics microlocation system in 2016

The company was born. David and Co-founder Gary Cohen — a technology industry veteran and intellectual property strategist — set about attracting the people who can deliver on the enormous commercial potential unlocked by microlocation. They recruited a board of directors that includes technology leaders with track records building profitable companies — including Ray Stata, the founder and chairman of Analog Devices; Chris Cheever, co-founder of Fontinalis Partners; Frank Moss, co-founder and chairman of Twine Health and a former director of the MIT Media Lab; and Tom Lee, professor of engineering at Stanford University and an expert on radio-frequency integrated circuits.

In September 2017, we raised our $18 million Series A, which helped fuel our February 2018 acquisition of 5D Robotics and its subsidiary Time Domain. In addition to welcoming their world-class crew of roboticists, software and RF engineers that grew our team to 54 employees, we also inherited a robust patent portfolio and Time Domain’s existing cm-scale product on the market.

Where are we going?

These are our key focus areas for the remainder of 2018:

● Scale the entry of our cm-scale product in the industrial automation, autonomous vehicle and smart cities markets

● Piloting our first mm-scale product, slated for commercial release in 2019.

We are always thrilled to talk with potential partners, so please feel free to reach out at

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